About Uinta Farms

To ensure our herds meet our health standards, we follow a rigorous daily herd walk through inspection.  We have a close association with our veterinary care consultant to ensure the latest health recommendations are strictly followed.  We are serious about our herds’ health; that means when you buy from us you are assured of healthy cattle, thus saving you costly health mistakes.

Currently, all our registered cattle are sold Private Treaty.  We believe that seeing the cattle in their environment gives you the confidence needed to make a rewarding buying experience.  We realize in this era of increasing production costs your bull and heifer buying decisions must be economically sound to keep your operation profitable.   Therefore, we guarantee the registered cattle you purchase from us 100%.   We will provide you our breeding guarantee for the mature bulls you buy from Unita Farms LLC.

Within the next year, we plan to offer a good selection of commercial Angus/Hereford cross bred calves that will be a good source to rebuild your commercial herd business. 

Since we grow all our hay forage, in most years, we take pride in the quality of the forage we produce, feed our cattle and sell to our cattle and horse customers.  All our forage is tested by an outside forage test agriculture laboratory to ensure the product meets our standards for total digestible nutrients (TDN) and other relevant factors.  Our hay forage is always barn kept or covered on pallets to ensure no degrading takes place in the product due to inadequate storage. 

Plan to make a visit to our operations and see for yourself that we are serious about the products we produce for the cattle industry. 
Call us at any time, and we will gladly answer questions or supply additional information you may have about our operation.